About Expo

The Diet & Nutrition Expo is poised for continual expansion, drawing an increasingly diverse audience of professionals, including dietitians, sports, health, and nutrition experts, as well as executive chefs. Seize the opportunity to engage with over 5000 key decision-makers, fostering new business leads and strengthening existing relationships. Act promptly and secure your space today by submitting your Exhibitor Application.

This two-day Expo offers a unique platform for face-to-face interactions with company representatives, enabling you to stay abreast of the latest technologies, explore innovative products and services, and discern emerging trends within the nutrition industry.

With participation from more than 100 companies, the Expo serves as a nexus for education, demonstration, and information dissemination, empowering you and your organization to remain at the forefront of the competitive landscape. The event creates an unparalleled marketplace showcasing specialized food products, food delivery equipment, alternative medicine, cooking products, food management solutions, nutritional assessment tools, computer programs, and much more. Don't miss out on the opportunities presented by this comprehensive Expo.