About Organizer

Event Consultant is a pioneering company specializing in the meticulous preparation, organization, and strategic marketing of scientific conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars within the dynamic landscape of Jordan. Our company boasts a team of industry professionals distinguished by their extensive experience in the supervision and management of diverse conferences and exhibitions held throughout Jordan.

In response to the rapidly evolving market dynamics, an increasing number of companies seek external expertise from proficient providers capable of orchestrating and overseeing prestigious meetings while offering streamlined marketing solutions with both efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Event Consultant distinguishes itself by delivering services grounded in global expertise, catering to a diverse clientele. From the initial phase of site selection to on-site management and culminating in post-event analysis, our company is committed to providing comprehensive event arrangements and proposing distinguished features that elevate the overall event experience. We pledge clear and effective communication channels, coupled with an unwavering attention to detail, ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients.